Dear Brian Krebs, no more doxxing as a result of a disagreement, please.

On the 18 of April Vincent Canfield, the owner of that provides professional E-mail and XMPP addresses confronted Spamhaus, an international nonprofit organization that tracks spam.

Vincent Canfield showcased tangible proof that Spamhaus lied about their campaign against port scanners. This refers to Spamhaus blacklisting IP addresses that were not vulnerability scanning and not originating traffic, making Spamhaus vulnerable.

Yet Spamhaus dismissed Vincent’s findings.

One week later on the 25 of April Brian Krebs, a well-known Journalist and investigative reporter enters the confrontation conversation and doxxed not only Vincent Canfield but also uɐpʇou@

Such reaction is highly inappropriate, unprofessional and brakes many moral and ethical rules.

Such reaction may come from the Journalists close ties with Spamhaus.
If you are a reader of the Krebs on Security Blog, you can notice that the company is cited in several articles, exactly 37 since the 17 March of 2010.
Yet such ties are not verified and only speculation.

Brian Krebs has been subjected to many cases of abuse before, like Swatting, death threats and more. The journalist has written countless articles on criminals that used Doxxing to do harm.
So it is sad to see that a person who knows this harm in first hand administer the same poison.

The investigative reporter denounced not once the lack of transparency, apologies and transparent disclosures of breaches or wrongdoing of companies. And yet he is falling in the exact same trap.

One would say that anyone can have a bad day, commit a mistake and that is absolutely true for anyone. Yet Brian Krebs failed to apologize for such actions. The only effort you can notice is the deletion of the compromising tweets.

Additionally, not only uɐpʇou@ ✸ expected this to happen but also John Culotta pointed out that this is not the first time it happens.

Fortunately the InfoSec community quickly denounced such actions with different tweets of support.

If you are a Journalist or blogger you should support the open and civil exchange of views, even if you totally disagree with them.

Brian as your long time reader, don’t ignore this incident, as you can quickly lose the trust and reputation you’ve been working all your life.

If there are any mistakes or have any comments or additional proves, feel free to reach out on Twitter or Keybase.

2 thoughts on “Dear Brian Krebs, no more doxxing as a result of a disagreement, please.

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